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Remote learning offers for schools

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According to Arthur...

Includes beautifully illustrated PDF/physical storybook, film of the show and audiobook. Plus sign supported English storytelling video.

Perfect for KS1 & KS2 remote learning, to inspire a scheme of work, or as a treat.

- English

- World Cultures

- PSHE/ loneliness

A winning formula! A fantastic piece of theatre and an excellent springboard to further work in story writing, geography and emotional aspects also.

Clyst St Mary Primary

According to Arthur… is an inspirational and heart-warming tale of an old man who re-engages with the outside world and the adventurous life he once led. 


Dream Maker

Includes a film of the show in sign supported English. Plus audio description option. Includes an optional 'Dream Making experiment' and two KS1 and KS2 worksheet templates. 

Perfect for KS1 & KS2 children still in school and children with visual or hearing impairments.

A very special experience - very interactive and inclusive. The kids loved it!

Audience member


Dream Maker is PaddleBoat's latest show, an inclusive and interactive story where you'll discover the mysteries of making dreams, help defeat nightmares and even have a go at dream making yourself!


Clare Hollingworth and the Scoop of the Century

Includes 6 tasks (3 with a History focus, 3 with an English focus), footage from a live show and an online education pack with recorded task videos explaining what to do, lesson templates and resources.

Perfect for years 4,5,6 in KS2 studying WWII and remote learning to support English and History curriculum.

- Writing to inform/ newspaper writing

- Writing to describe and character empathy

- Writing to persuade and presentation skills

- Comprehending images, making links and predictions

- Timelines, events and context of WWII

- Roles in the war and family history

103WW2PaddleBoat181105Matt Austin.jpg

Such an amazing production. My 8 year old has been learning about world war 2 and so the timing was fantastic. The whole play from before it began all the way through was engaging, interactive, very funny and fascinating.

Clare Hollingworth and the Scoop of the Century is a play that celebrates the remarkable true story of an extraordinary women who broke the news of the start of World War II


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