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PaddleBoat Theatre Company believe that theatre is a space where imagination is brought to life.


born from the vibrant city of Exeter, we are committed to delivering high-quality productions and exciting workshops for children and families across the South-West.At the heart of PaddleBoat’s work is the desire to inspire the imagination. PaddleBoat believe in theatre which engages with the young minds of tomorrow – as well as reminding every adult that they too can rediscover their own imaginations.

PaddleBoat’s award winning productions always blend creative storytelling With playful and engaging audience interaction, we invite all audiences into a space where performers and audience members alike embark on journeys, create adventures and get lost in magical worlds together. 

with over 5 years of working with a wide range of schools and community groups, paddleboat has developed a unique theatre-with development model - working with communities to create work - ensuring our theatre is inclusive. this has helped us welcome all audiences to engage with our work in theatres, libraries, community spaces and schools. 

The team

Katy Dash - Artistic Director

Katy is an experienced theatre-maker, passionate about working with communities to create work. she believes in the power of storytelling and enjoys making even the smallest detail a spectacle. Her love of imaginative play sparks a theatre that is inclusive and creatively engages with children and adults alike.

michael smith - tour manager

Michael loves finding stories, the tall ones and the short ones, and  his favourite way to share them is by bringing them to life on stage. Michael is an imaginative performer, using clowning, physicality and voice work to bring to life a colourful array of weird and wonderful characters. 

Michael loves working with young people to inspire them to tell stories, create characters and find their silly side.  

hattie brown - musical Director

Hattie loves to make music – with children and for children. Adding an extra element to all PaddleBoat shows, she writes and arranges the songs and music heard in our performances. Hattie also enjoys making things and can often be found creating intricate props or puppets for our shows and workshops. Hattie loves to work alongside young people of all ages and abilities, building up their confidence and championing their voices on stage.

stuart cottrell - literary manager

Stuart is passionate about storytelling and with a real love of words, he has found himself entranced by PaddleBoat's unique blend of imagination and play. Working with Paddleboat has given him the opportunity to find the best words to tell the best stories, and to channel his child-like wonder into creating bold and exciting pieces of work. Having loved theatre as a child, Stuart is delighted to be performing for a whole new generation of children, and hopes to inspire them to revel in their creativity and explore their own stories.

Rachel Norris - Chair of Board 


Rachel is passionate about providing exciting learning experiences through the use of drama, to spark imagination and creativity in children. She has experience in creating high-quality workshops of value and integrity that explores relevant themes for children. Her facilitation skills are second-to-none and has everyone excited and engaged from the word go.





PaddleBoat are experienced at working with young children in schools and the wider community. They have been trained in Applied Theatre and hold current DBS certificates.



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"This company understands how to perform children's theatre in a way that isn't dumbed-down or diluted. The performances are vibrant, rich, detailed and challenging - they expect the children to 'get it' and they do. The benefit is that we as adults can enjoy the show just as much" 

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