An interactive family adventure jam-packed with puppets, songs and outdoor surprises!

Imagine that you're far from home

Playing in the woods all on your own

And all is still and calm and clear - 

But what's that rustle that you hear?

PaddleBoat Theatre Company invites you help set up camp and settle down for the greatest campfire story ever told: where sleeping bags evolve into monsters, rucksacks become friends and torches highlight the forest's closest secrets.

recommended 4+

22/07/17 - Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, Taunton

30/07/17 Torre Abbey, Torquay

06/08/17 - Rougemont Gardens, Exeter

09/08/17 - 10/08/17 - Royal william yard, Plymouth

14/08/17 - Forest and beach, Kingsbridge

24/08/17 - The Kindscombe centre, toller pocorum

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"This company understands how to perform children's theatre in a way that isn't dumbed-down or diluted. The performances are vibrant, rich, detailed and challenging - they expect the children to 'get it' and they do. The benefit is that we as adults can enjoy the show just as much" 

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