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special School Packages


PaddleBoat Theatre Company aims to be accessible for all children and to bring imagination and creativity directly to your school. Our enriched shows and workshops are the perfect way to introduce drama and theatre into your school year. enriched to us means enhancement; it means something extra special, vibrant and sensory


enriched show touring now: a Little Man's Holiday: An enriched story

Below are some sample packages which demonstrate what we can offer your school - but we are more than happy to create a package that is tailor-made to your school's specific needs; just send us a message



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Stuart Facilitating
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Please note that our prices are for Devon schools- for schools which are further afield, an additional cost may be required to cover transport.



PaddleBoat understands that preparation is important


paddleboat theatre company has lots of experience and creative ways to make children feel more comfortable with our stories, shows and workshops. these include; books, trailers, touch tours, introductory workshops and other resources that all work towards making a paddleboat experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.


you can access these resources by contacting katy @ understands that every school is unique, so please do get in touch so we can work with you to find the best fit for your school .

"PaddleBoat’s positively inclusive and relaxed approach is something we embrace" - (Special School Teacher)

"In a time when schools are struggling to find opportunities to be truly creative - a visit from PaddleBoat really is a breath of fresh air – for staff, parents and pupils alike." - (Special School Teacher)










"As a special school we were really impressed with the team’s ability to fully immerse our children in their performance, giving them plenty of opportunities to participate and therefore become part of the story themselves…it is inspirational experience for all involved" - (Special School Teacher)

Ahoy! - £400
(Single Show)


Keeping things nice and simple - we'll come to your school and put on a show. All of PaddleBoat's shows are relaxed, fun and interactive . 


We create our shows with schools specifically in mind, so we will fit perfectly into any school hall. all we might need from you is a plug socket - everything else we have covered. All our shows are around 45 minutes and are available in both the mornings and afternoons. We can accommodate audience sizes of anywhere between 10-250 children for a single show.


send us a message so we can chat to you about your requirements.

Shipmate - £500
(Show + Workshop)


A chance for students to develop their own drama and storytelling skills.

In addition to performing one of our interactive shows, PaddleBoat will provide an accompanying workshop. Our engaging workshops explore sensory storytelling techniques, creativity and imagination by sharing some of the ways in which we make theatre and tell stories. 


Our workshops are flexible to fit with your school timetable.

"With workshops full of dynamism and energy, their sessions are well pitched and engaging for all children regardless of age or ability" - (Special School Teacher)










Set Sail - £600
(Show + Two Workshops) or (Two Shows + one workshop)
One show and two workshops works well for schools with specific groups of students who might want to explore props, set, music and performance before or after the show.
two shows with one workshop means that most or all students can experience the show. a pre-show or post-show workshop can push themes and ideas from the show with a creative and curriculum focus. or you may feel a specific selection of students might benefit from a pre-show or post-show workshop.
Adventure - £500
(Two Shows)


Sometimes once just isn't enough! This package provides 2 performances of the same show, so is ideal for students who might benefit from a more intimate expereince or for larger schools who want to allow more of their pupils the chance to see some engaging, interactive theatre. 


We are happy to perform two shows consecutively, or one in the morning and one in the afternoon, or any other arrangement you can think of - whatever suits your school day best.



"The opportunity to continue working collaboratively with PaddleBoat is immeasurable. They have become our true friends" - (Deaf Academy Teacher)










"PaddleBoat never fail to impress" - (Special School Teacher)










want something more?
(creative residencies)


PaddleBoat always works creatively with children to develop shows. the children we work with are at the heart of the creation process. Therefore, paddleboat offers creative resiedencies to local (devon) schools.


A creative residency can range from a full week to weekly workshops through a whole term. The regular contact of a creative residency allows us to  celebrate your school's creativity as well as enriching curriculum teaching & inspiring children to take ownership of their work. these residencies are often tailored directly to you schools' needs, and are a vital part of our creative ethos - Theatre with Children for Families.


please email to find out more.

Like what you see?

send us a message and let's start our adventure together...

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