PaddleBoat recognises the value that books have in developing a child's literacy and imagination. By publishing our shows as books, we are providing an additional resource for our audiences - a resource for parents, for teachers, and for every developing reader. It gives them the chance to quite literally take ownership of a story and characters, and take them back into their own imaginations.

Thanks to funding from Doorstep Arts we have put together a reading of According to Arthur...

If you enjoy listening to our reading of According to Arthur... we'd really appreciate any donation you can make at this time.




PaddleBoat is a Community Interest Company which means all funds go back into future projects - thank you for your support


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"This company understands how to perform children's theatre in a way that isn't dumbed-down or diluted. The performances are vibrant, rich, detailed and challenging - they expect the children to 'get it' and they do. The benefit is that we as adults can enjoy the show just as much" 

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