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A Little Man's Holiday was created and published by PaddleBoat Theatre Company, with artwork by Joe Eason and Samantha Theobald-Roe inspired by Year 4 students at St. Martins Primary School.


A Little Man's Holiday was PaddleBoat's first production. The book was created to accompany an enriched prodcution of our pirate adventure 'A Little Man's Holiday'. 

Set sail with Little Man - an ordinary man who dreams of advenutre. When his terrifying boss reveals the whereabouts of a mysterious treasure island, Little Man leaves his dull office life behind and finds himself swept along on an exhilarating pirate adventure with only his monther and his imaginiation to help him along the way.

A Little Man's Holiday

  • Illustrations and text were designed by Year 4 pupils at St. Martin's Primary School, Cranbrook. They thought about how best to tell the story visually and created collages that were then passed on to illustrators, and wrote sentences that best described the action.

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