Curiouser and Curiouser



An adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, Curiouser and Curiouser showcased at Politmore House as part of Exeter's Arts on the Move Festival and at Exeter University's Reed Hall Gardens. Children and their families followed Lewis Carroll on an adventure to meet the characters of Wonderland and Alice herself, as she desperately tried to catch up with the White Rabbit, avoided the wrath of the Queen of Hearts and played games with TweedleDee and TweedleDum. The performance culminated with a Teaparty, where all the audience shared tea and cake with the characters.



Writer: Stuart Cottrell 


Directors: Katy Dash, Harriet Brown


Designers: Sophie Pond, Phoebe Newlan


Cast: Aidan Cheng, Ameleah Vermeulen, Amy Collins, Camilla Borges, Ellie Taylor-Roberts, Helen Craig, Jess Reed, Joanna Ward, Sarah Vaughan, Stuart Cottrell




"My daughter loved following the characters around the garden and discovering each new scene tucked away in the landscape. The show was whimsical, magical, and endlessly inventive...a reminder of the necessity of Wonderland for all of us - maybe especially the grown-ups" 

(Erin Walcon, Doorstep Arts)


"We were warmly invited into the wonderful imagination of Lewis Carol through PaddleBoat’s magical story telling. One by one, we befriended, laughed and shared some cake with the Wonderland characters… reminding us all, there is no great urgency to grow up!"

(Jessica Burrage, Theatre With Teeth Artistic Director)


"Adults and children alike were kept entertained and transfixed in Alice's world as she journeyed amongst the beautiful gardens happening upon characters and cameo performances from our favourite characters such as the White Rabbit and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum; the latter being cleverly performed by a single actress. Lewis Carroll expertly played by Stuart Cottrell provided the continuity between the cameo performances, ad-libbing and interacting brilliantly with the audience"

(Ceri Dash, BAFA Musical Director)


"We were transported to Wonderland in a really fun, dynamic and exciting way... Thank you PaddleBoat for another fantastic performance - you guarantee to spark the imagination in children and adults alike"

(Jade Campbell, Doorstep Arts)