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Creating Along the Tides  
Place Based Co-Creation with Devon Coastal Schools & Libraries 

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“Working with you made me more confident, and I’d like to do it again if I could, and it was just really surprising because when you look back, you think “that’s what I’ve done, that’s the progress that I’ve achieved and made”’. (SEN young person)

"My students loved watching the performances of the other schools and how ambitious and different all the groups had been despite the same starting points. It really showed how exciting and thought provoking inclusive theatre could be. It also strengthened my own feelings of belonging to a community because of the enthusiasm of those who had come to watch. The students exhibited resilience, confidence, empathy, presentation and performance skills throughout the day”. – Primary school teacher

“I feel the Millwater children are engaging really well with the sessions and your 'living in the land of yes' approach to the children's ideas is building trust and enabling the children to take risks with their ideas and explore them in a safe space.” SEN teacher

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Exeter Phoenix PNG.png

Example of a previous community arts project, using drama & visual arts to explore the history of The Deaf Academy

'PaddleBoat & the Deaf Academy have had a relationship that started about 7 years ago, working on different projects to help our young people learn about the wider world and to develop confidence and resilience. And the opportunity to perform on a professional stage. PaddleBoat have been fantastic. They’ve really developed a deep understand of Deaf culture and our students with they're additional needs. They’ve also learnt BSL and can now lead sessions without interpreters. They're just there, its fantastic. I just think it’s an amazing project for our young people to get involved with.' - Teacher of the Deaf

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