Christmas Chaos!

recommended age 4+ 

55mins family show

Think your christmas is chaotic? think again!

"A deliciously dark Christmas story with Roald Dahl-esque overtones" - Erin Walcon (Doorstep Arts Producer)

"A delightfully festive pantomime antidote!" - Teacher (White Rock Primary School)

"As much of a surprise and delight for the adults as it is for the children... And the children are mesmerized." - Audeince Member

From the 1st of december through to christmas morning the frosts struggle to make sure that this christmas will be perfect - the problem is, the frosts are anything but the perfect family. 

they are naughty and lazy and greedy and mean, and as their christmas plans go from bad to worse, granny's arrival draws ever closer...


paddleboat theatre company bring you a christmas present full to the brim with mime, puppetry, live music and object play that is the perfect treat for families this christmas.