"Each moment is magical, and there is no time to look away" -

(Classroom Teacher)

"PaddleBoat: young, energetic 

and inventive"  -
(Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

 chagford 14th feb @ jubilee hall

 symondsbury 16th feb @ symondsbury estate

 beehive 28th march @ honiton

 teignmouth 8th april @ teignmouth pavilions 

 nottingham 25th april @ nottingham playhouse 

 maidenhead 9th april @ norden farm 

"This company understands how to perform children's theatre in a way that isn't dumbed-down or diluted. The performances are vibrant, rich, detailed and challenging - they expect the children to 'get it' and they do. The benefit is that we as adults can enjoy the show just as much" - (Classroom Teacher)