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Two Day Theatre Intensive
1-2nd August
For ages 12-15

1st August: 10am-5pm 
2nd August 10am-5pm rehearsals, 5-5.30pm performance

Roborough Studios, 
Prince of Wales Rd, Exeter, EX4 4SB

The Lost Light


Join PaddleBoat Theatre Company in devising a brand new mystery play. 

The lighthouse light has gone out. The ships that rely on that light to guide them are now blind to the jagged rocks in the water - and stranger still, the lighthouse itself stands completely empty. The entire crew that once called it home have up and vanished. 

What might have happened to the wickies to make them leave so suddenly? Was it suspicious, supernatural, or just another unexplained secret of the sea? You decide. 


You'll be devising and performing this brand new show in just 2 days! Come along to learn new performance skills as we use movement, mime, scriptwriting, shadow puppetry & music to bring this mysterious story to life. 

All young people must be signed in & out by a parent/guardian. Refunds will not be given unless the booked space is filled by another customer.

Once you've booked your ticket through our website you will be sent a form to fill out prior to the two days.
If you have any questions or need more information before booking please contact 

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