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This page has been designed so that you can get involved with activities and help develop PaddleBoat's next show. We've tried to make this page as accessible as possible.

There will be: videos in SSE or BSL with captions,     symbol means you can access audio only, and    means you can see the text in large font. We hope this means everyone can access the activities and follow along.

Audio only 

Introductory video (BSL & captions)

Listen to the introductory video audio only

if we can do anything more to help you/ your family access the content


Mood Board

Listen to some music

Listen to some sounds

Listen to a poem


Activity 1: Design a set (SSE & captions)

Listen to design a set activity only


Activity 2: Dream designs (BSL, voiceover & captions)

Audio only instructions from Dream Design video


Activity 3: Make a Dream (SSE & captions)

Audio only instructions for Make a Dream video


Activity 4: Making Music for our Show (SSE & captions)

Listen to the Word List

Listen to the Music Track

Activity 5: Creating Characters (BSL & captions)


Audio track

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"This company understands how to perform children's theatre in a way that isn't dumbed-down or diluted. The performances are vibrant, rich, detailed and challenging - they expect the children to 'get it' and they do. The benefit is that we as adults can enjoy the show just as much" 

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